Personnalisé petit diamètre bobine métal ressorts ressorts de compression, 1.5*15*30mm, MHS S5

goupilles de verrouillage, Wholesale ressort de compression

2.25 Ressorts

Vis en acier inoxydable 6mm. 0.5mm  compression spring. Résine. Vis printemps. 25kg/55lb. Fw-17dl0731. D. je. un vêtements. Cadrage. 133mm. Spring clips for recessed lighting led panel. Torsion springs. Chaussures de course. 0.120kg (0.26lb.). 480mm/18.9". Wholesale appartements de femmes: 100n pression printemps. 

Clips Luminaire

0.2*2*5. 0.4mmx6(od)x length 5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50. 2*28*305mm. Out diameter : Mayitr. 0.5mm. 0.5*3&6.3*8mm. Around 110g. Fw-sp140607Spiral. Springs steel coated goldGdac3035. Combinaisons: 58 1.2. Suitable diameter: : Latibel sequin. 2mm22. Coupé vis. 

Batterie Double Aa

Largeur de la chaussure: Graphite rondelles. R clip spring clip. Adjustable recliner spring. Marque de luxeSpring for downlight. 150mm / 5.9". Compression gas spring gas. Printemps lumière. Meiyi 3.5mm. 

Brosse Industrielle

1mm wire diameter stainless steel compression pressure spring-qs-054Lampe printemps. Ondulé. Qj-20160709. Enfants robes pour les filles. Matériel: Pk1 150 ohms. 0.5*8*(5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50). Style: Ton circuits. Fw-sp141016-43. 0.4*3*10mm. 0.4*3.5*305mm. Force outboard. Tout compatible. Compression die. 595x240x30kg. 0.3*4*50. 

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Vans Artist Q&A Spotlight:  Winnie Truong (Toronto)

From paper cut pieces to intricately rendered pencil drawings, Winnie Truong’s work focuses around eerie and strange portraits of hairy beings.  Her pieces explore various aspects of ourselves, our relationships and our ideas of what is beautiful and, in fact, grotesque –through her “obsessive mark-making” renditions of this natural human extension – hair. 

We had a chance to catch up with Toronto based artist Winnie Truong, who just finished some recent residencies, to talk about her a rt school experiences, inspiration, and what’s coming for her in 2017.

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Art Show | Event Round Up | Dec. 2016

Dec. 1st: Juxtapoz Clubhouse 1x Run Book store Alex Yanes Print Release + Meet & Greet (Miami, FL) 

Dec. 1st: Son of SkyWalker Imperial Uprising, Group show, Artists Republic (LA)

Dec. 3rd: Differing Feathers, group exhibition 80 artists including Todd Francis, The Great Highway Gallery (SF)

Dec. 34: Hamburger Eyes New Issue Release Party, Mike’s Barbershop (SF)

Dec. 10th: Bitchcraft Winter Faire, 5612 N. Figuero St. Highland Park (LA)

Dec. 10th: Champions of Leisure, Beer fueled sport, arcade darts, Bills Bar Studios (LA)

Dec . 17th: Gazinizag, original works by Nick and Penelope Gazin, SuperChiefLA (LA)