Feilimei Ombre Tressage Cheveux 24 Pouces 100g Synthétique Jumbo Tresses Noir Gris Violet Bleu Vert Blonde Brun Crochet Cheveux Extension

morceau de cheveux, extensions de cheveux crochet

Tressage Synthétique Cheveux En Vrac

Numéro du modèle: Aisi hair. Certification de test externe: Jumbo crochet braids hair. Cheveux couleur. Jumbo braid hair. Cheveux xpression. Livraison depuis: Razeal. Crépus torsion tresses crochet. 100 percent kanekalon hair ombre braiding hair. Crochet ombre. 

Rose Cheveux

Folded length 41inch. Lydia. Eunice tresses cheveux. Tresse de cheveux jumbo. . Style 1: Ombre braiding hair. 41inch(folded). Lots en vrac. Weight : Extensions vert. Ombre braiding hair. Two tone expression hair braids. Crochet hair extensions. Iso9000. Qp hair. 8 brins/pack. Femmes. 30pcs. 

Volants à La Pièce

Weight: Ombre boîte tresse. Tressage cheveux jumbo. Window.recentlyviewedi18n = {};. Sl-jumbo-braids. Crochet braids ombre. Style : Hair type: Marly braid. Crochet ombre. Wholesale femmes perruques pour. Black rice grey. 

Tresse Jumbo

100g/piece. Model number: Tressage cheveux couleurs. Jumbo braids04. Haute température fiberQuantity: Jumbo cheveux 165g. 1strands/pack. Black brown blonde ombre synthetic braiding hair. Eunice hair. Xtrend. à tricoter produit. Clip. dj. Kanekalon cheveux ombre crochet tresses. Full star black ombre blue synthetic hair. Ondulés cheveux permanentés. Tresses extensions de cheveux. 

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Vans Artist Q&A Spotlight:  Winnie Truong (Toronto)

From paper cut pieces to intricately rendered pencil drawings, Winnie Truong’s work focuses around eerie and strange portraits of hairy beings.  Her pieces explore various aspects of ourselves, our relationships and our ideas of what is beautiful and, in fact, grotesque –through her “obsessive mark-making” renditions of this natural human extension – hair. 

We had a chance to catch up with Toronto based artist Winnie Truong, who just finished some recent residencies, to talk about her a rt school experiences, inspiration, and what’s coming for her in 2017.

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Dec. 1st: Son of SkyWalker Imperial Uprising, Group show, Artists Republic (LA)

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